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COVID-19 Notice

March 2020 - Message from Senior Pastor regarding the temporary pause of weekly church activities.



Our priority is the health and wellbeing of our members, supporters and visitors.  We are taking precautions and appropriate steps in line with the most recent guidance from Public Health England (PHE) to promote social distancing.

Accordingly, our weekly meeting schedule inclusive of “Prayer & Fasting, Prayer Meetings, Bible Study, Genesis Day Centre, Youth & Children Activities and Sunday Services” will all temporarily pause until further notice.  Upcoming events such as the fundraising dinner scheduled for Sunday 29th March and our District Convention will be postponed until further notice.

Please note that we are committed to promoting worship regardless of the temporary pause and we are working hard to make this happen. We will do our best to provide regular updates [advice and instructions].  We have also taken steps to ensure the well being of the elderly and vulnerable members in our church and community.


Bishop Barrington Mullings, Senior Pastor
Administration Office: Tel: 0161 226 6999 

Please Continue to Support our 60th Anniversary Celebrations: 


July 2020 - Message from Senior Pastor regarding the resumption of Public Worship Services and
transition to Cheetham Hill.


While it is exciting that we have the opportunity as of the 4th of July to share in communal worship, there are many hurdles that we must overcome to do so safely. In keeping with the new guidelines given by the Government, we aim to resume public worship service on the 26th of July 2020.  This service will start at 11: 30 am. Note also that this will mark the commencement of our collective worship with Cheetham Hill – hence the ceremony will take place at NTCG Faith Tabernacle, in Cheetham Hill.

I would like you to keep in mind that during this and future services social distancing will have to be observed in keeping with government guidelines. These directives mean that our services will be delivered differently until new Government guidelines are published.  Below are some of the critical things that all of us will need to do to keep ourselves and others safe while we engage in a new way and worship our Lord and God.


Key Notice!

Please pay careful attention to this set of responsibilities that you must consent to if you choose to come to church at this time.

You must complete NHS health screening on arrival.  
An Usher will take your temperature with a hand-held thermometer. You will not gain access to the Sanctuary if you have a fever or flu-like symptoms.

You are required to write your name and contact number on the form provided.  Your information will be kept on file for twenty-one days in accord with GDPR rules and will be used to track and trace you and those you come in contact with if you or someone close to you contract Coronavirus.  

You are required to wear a face mask while attending service and use hand gel dispenser machines will be available on-site.
Please take your own bottled water with you and also your own pen for completing the form that you will receive.

You should follow all directions given by designated Ushers while in the Sanctuary

Only 120 persons will gain entrance to the services for the foreseeable future as a result of current social distancing regulations.  70 of these will come from Brooks’ Bar, 30 from Cheetham Hill and 20 spaces are reserved for visitors. Anyone intending to attend services SHOULD CALL THE CHURCH OFFICE NO LATER THAN THE THURSDAY PRIOR TO THE SERVICE DURING OFFICE HOURS to register their intention.  

Additionally, I am requesting that everyone above the age of 70 remain at home and continue to shield themselves according to Government guidelines.

    Those who are not able to be a part of the 120 can participate in all services via zoom or by live streaming.

These measures are necessary for the safety of all concerned. I thank you all in advance for your full cooperation.


03 April 2020 - Message from our National Administrative Bishop - Revd Dr Donald Bolt
Message from Administrative Bishop
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