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Helping Kojo

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

The NTCG has reached out to help Kojo – a disabled teen from Ghana, as part of the Church’s Missions and Outreach programme.

Kojo was met by Bishop Barrington Mullings, the senior Pastor of Brooks' Bar in 2016 during a Missions visit to Ghana. At the time, Kojo was 14 years of age. Bishop Mullings had visited a mechanic in the Ashanti Capital of Kumasi, where he saw Kojo moving about the muddy unpaved heavily potholed street. Being alarmed by this and at the same time moved with compassion, he made enquiries about the young boy. Despite that at first, he was put off by some who said he should not worry about Kojo because he's a 'cripple', Bishop Mullings, in the anguish he felt had difficulty sleeping later the night, and so partnered with a local Pastor, Bishop Donkor who agreed to support him in his quest for further information about the boy. The two discovered that Kojo had a relative from the Ghana Church and through this avenue they were able to arrange a meeting with Kojo and his family the following day.

Through this meeting, Bishop Mullings learned of some of the challenges the young teen experienced including that his mother is mentally ill, though she along with relatives did her best to care for him, his father was deceased, he had speech difficulties though he seemed to be aware of what transpired the day and that he resorted to street begging.

Since meeting Kojo, the missions team has been able to do the following:

• Finance his attendance at a residential school for the disabled. There he is provided with an education and is helped to develop personal social and interaction skills. Outside of the school term, Kojo returns home to his family.

• Provide him with a fully medical and psychological assessment which revealed that his spine was damaged and was inoperable.

• Gift him with a wheelchair.

The missions team receives regular updates on his progress at school and home via Bishop Donkor and the Missions Department of Church of God Ghana, who visits Kojo at home and school so as to oversee and contribute to his care and development.

The NTCG Outreach and Missions department has been in existence for 10 years and has been visiting Ghana for the past 5 years. The Missions department aims to to alleviate social and emotional ills through spiritual and social education.

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