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Senior Pastor
Bishop Barrington Mullings

Barrington Mullings is a called, consecrated and commissioned disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ, who is committed to the mission of making the accomplishments of God in Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit, known to human communities for personal salvation and community transformation. 


He migrated from the sunny isle of Jamaica where he received primary instructions and training in Christian Discipleship and Pastoral Ministry to the UK by the direction of the Holy Spirit, for the specific purpose of developing leaders who will confidently deliver service with commitment that will achieve the missional objective of making the works of God in Jesus Christ know to all for salvation and the ultimate glory of God.

Since 2008, Barrington was appointed pastor of the Brooks' Bar Church and Bishop of the Manchester District of NTCG congregations by the Reverend Dr A Brown, former National Administrative Bishop of NTCG England and Wales.  He married to Maxine for over twenty-five years and is the father of their two biological children and five adopted children.

Bishop Mullings
Leadership & Staff
Mrs Maxine Mullings
Mrs Maxine Mullings
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Maxine is a born again committed Christian who has faithfully practiced the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ for the past forty years.  She is dedicated to the service of the Lord Jesus Christ and she takes great delight in encouraging, in particular, young people and women to strive for excellence in the Lord through dedicated service which she has offered in her capacity as president of the Family Training Hour (in the Handsworth church, Birmingham), teaching Sunday school and being the president of the local (and more recently District) Women’s Ministries in Manchester.


Maxine is also passionate about fulfilling the commission of Christ in feeding, clothing and putting shelter over the heads of the poor and needy.  Maxine operates with humility and great integrity when interacting with individuals irrespective of their background, age, colour, experience or social status.  As a semi-retired mental health nurse, Maxine is naturally drawn to “helping people in crisis”.


Maxine is happily married to her soul mate Barrington for over 27 years.  Their union has produced two blessed children Romona and Joel.  She is happy to have their support and willing participation in delivering service to countless numbers of persons in the years ahead in partnership with the Holy Spirit.

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