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Who we are
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We are a Christian Church. Our doctrines and practices are established upon the person and teachings of Jesus Christ, the Son of God as found in the bible - the Word of God.



We are built upon principles of Protestantism such as 1) the authority of the Bible, 2) Justification through Faith

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We adhere to key foundational principles:- 1) infallibility of the Bible, 2) Virgin Birth 3) Deity of Christ 4)Atoning sacrifice of Christ's death for sin, 5)Resurrection of Jesus and 6)Second coming of Jesus to earth​.

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We are evangelical in that we affirm the foundational doctrines found in the scriptures (as defined above) including:- the ministry of the Holy Spirit, the Trinity and the Unity of believers through Jesus.

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We believe in the power of the Holy Spirit empowering believers to effectively be witnesses of Christ. We believe in speaking in other tongues as the Spirit gives utterance and that this is the first evidence of the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Divine Healing


We believe in the validity of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. These are:- The gifts of revelation (word of wisdom, the word of knowledge and the discerning of spirits),  the gifts of power (faith, miracles, and gifts of healing) and the gifts of utterance and inspiration  (prophecy, tongues and interpretation).



We are aggressive in bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ to the World. This is reflected in all  our activities including worship services, conferences, missions, teaching and preaching.

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We  are part of a centrally organised Church comprised of international, state, and local levels. We operate on a local level to fulfill the overall mission of the Church of God.

Adopted from Church of God International Cleveland Tennessee. Please visit link for more details.

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