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Hospitality Department


Bible Principle underpinning the service we provide can be found in Matthew 25:40, “I tell you the truth, whatever you do for one of the least of these brothers and sister of mine, you do for me”




One aspect of the Hospitality Department principally is to provide refreshments for all who attend the Church; such provisions are provided to members of the local community and church members alike. The Department has at its core a willingness to serve with love, grace, understanding and compassion; we pride ourselves on being an integral part of Church life and know full well that our service is a Ministry in itself hence underpinning the prevailing scripture as detailed in Matthew 25:40.

The Department is responsible for providing a range of refreshments from light refreshment after service each Sunday afternoon to serving substantive refreshments for large scale events such as Church Convention (catering for approximately 350 attendees) various meetings, conferences and seminars. We also provide all the refreshments for the yearly self funding Community Christmas meal, Carol Service as well as for Funerals and Baptisms. 


To obtain the funds required for the Community Christmas, which we organise each year for those who are lonely, disabled, unwell or unable to provide for themselves, we organise a bag packing session at the local Asda Super Store. This session does not only enable us to raise the necessary funds but to also provide an opportunity to evangelise. From the funds raised at Asda, we also provide food parcels at Christmas for those who cannot join us for the meal. Each year we go from strength to strength, the food parcels donated each year provide for approximately 250 people.

The work is so very rewarding, a recipient of one of our food parcels last year wrote “truly manna from heaven”. We aim to serve people as servants of the Lord and always seek to practice to the highest standard. It is also our aim in whatever we do, to work at it, with all our hearts, as though we are working for The Lord and not for a human master: Colossians 3:23, coupled with the abundant Love that the Lord pours out into our hearts, we can serve and pour out that Love in to others whilst we serve: Romans 5:5.

Hospitality can be underestimated, however we as a Church know it value and want everyone whom comes to the New Testament Church of God or indeed interact with any member to leave feeling loved, natured, valued and dignified no matter their circumstances.


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