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Ministries and Departments

The Education department is responsible for the planning and implementation of the Christian Education/Faith development for the entire congregation.  It is to evaluate the educational needs of each department and where appropriate, organise training which will increase the motivation and competence of members in order to undertake their tasks effectively.

Sunday School 

The purpose of Sunday School is to teach each student God's word. Teachers are committed to be investors for life and create an environment through our teaching for lifelong learning. 




Praise and worship is an integral part of our weekly gathering.  We have a dedicated team of singers, musicians and technicians of sound and visuals ably serving with a hope that Heaven and Earth connect. 


One aspect of the Hospitality Department principally is to provide refreshments for all who attend the Church; such provisions are provided to members of the local community and church members alike. The Department has at its core a willingness to serve with love, grace, understanding and compassion; we pride ourselves on being an integral part of Church life and know full well that our service is a Ministry in itself hence underpinning the prevailing scripture as detailed in Matthew 25:40.


We have ministries for everyone!

LifeBuilders Men's Ministry


We have LifeBuilders groups in Manchester who are committed to working with you to help you make the necessary choices to become a better Man! Our desire is to facilitate life-changing opportunities to impact the lives of others by providing tools for Men to live for Jesus at home, at work and in all areas of their lives.

Women's Discipleship Ministries


The Women’s Discipleship Ministries Department at Brooks Bar exists to serve women in the church and wider community. Our aim is to holistically equip and empower all women, regardless of age, culture or social status. To support women in their personal, spiritual, social and professional journeys and to maximise their God-given potential through mentorship. 

Youth and Discipleship


The purpose of the Youth & Discipleship Department is to make disciples of our children and young people,  for them to later make disciples of others. Our aim is to enable the nurturing and growth of young people in an environment in which they feel safe to express their individual gifts and to express their faith in Christ through youth praise and worship.



The evangelism department exists to share the gospel of Jesus Christ to all the world.  The ethos of the evangelism department cannot be represented in a more pristine manner than that which is found in St John 3:16, “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.” The truth of this passage is the driving force behind all evangelistic efforts.  


The purpose of the visiting ministry is to support those who might have common life challenges.  This includes those who are hospitalised, shut-ins, comforting those who are sick, bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ, Helping, and support where applicable. Etc.

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