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Women's Discipleship Ministry


Welcome to the Women's Discipleship Ministries Department




The Women’s Discipleship Ministries Department at Brooks Bar exists to serve women in the church and wider community. Our aim is to holistically equip and empower all women, regardless of age, culture or social status. To support women in their personal, spiritual, social and professional journeys and to maximise their God-given potential through mentorship. Our objectives include ‘coming alongside’ women experiencing challenges such as bereavement, sickness and loneliness as well as providing scope to have fun and to socialise.


We are committed to delivering a high quality, inclusive programme of activities alongside spiritual, emotional and practical support; reflecting our motto ‘Every Woman Matters’. 

Meeting Times

The Women’s Department hold meetings on the first and third Tuesday of every month except in the month of January. Meetings start at 7pm and end at 9pm.

We look forward to welcoming you at our meetings and to sharing fellowship with you. 

The Lord bless you!

Staff                       Position

Sister Jacqueline Hylton           Director

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