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Our Vision

Building for Life

This means that we:

  • Obey the will of God on earth as in heaven

  • Worship God in Spirit and in truth

  • Serve our members and community in accord with the example and teachings of Jesus Christ

  • Establish the reign of Jesus Christ in human hearts and communities through the preaching of the gospel and the planting of churches

Building for Eternity 

This means that we encourage and support people to:

  • Develop intimacy with God through Christ Jesus by the Holy Spirit through prayer, fasting, meditation and study

  • Understand and operate in personal ministry calling by making best use of our gifts and resources

  • Fulfil the functions of ministry that are specifically geared at Church development through evangelism


To Achieve this we will:-

  • Become a community who that works in partnership with the Holy Spirit.

  • Encourage and foster a dynamic Christian Fellowship that celebrates the image of God in individuals and family as a divinely established agency for discipleship.

  • Communicate the gospel of the kingdom to our community  through lifestyle, evangelism and mission.

  • Provide holistic development to members and the community through Holy Spirit inspired services

  • Mobilise our membership for active engagement in public life.

  • Partner with other Christian communities to be a witness for Christ in Manchester , the UK and beyond.


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