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Building Project

The New Testament Church of God (NTCG), Brooks' Bar, Manchester UK (Charity No: 250306) was first established in 1960 with just 10 people.  The building in which we currently worship was first built in 1885 and has been owned by NTCG Brooks' Bar since 1965.

The building has not previously undergone any major redevelopment whilst under ownership of NTCG, but now requires a substantial redevelopment and expansion because of its age and to be able to accommodate more people to expand its services and contributions to the wider community so that individuals can be connected to important resources for their wellbeing and in building a stronger community.

We're looking forward to improving this space for all our members to use and enjoy and we would appreciate your support for this project benefitting our Church community.

We aim to 1) provide a more welcoming environment that is conducive to worship and rich Christian fellowship and 2) provide an improved space and adequate facilities to accommodate more persons and to be able to deliver key programmes and services that respond to some of the core needs of our community including: a summer scheme for children to play and learn during the summer holidays, educational centre for young people who are excluded from school, a training centre to provide deepened care, support and training for more Parents and Toddlers, a networking centre to deliver support and care for ex-convicts to aid their re-integration into society and a mental health hub to provide support for persons who are grappling with mental health challenges.

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