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Sunday School 
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Lifelong Learning and Discipleship


Sunday School is for all ages and is a vibrant part of church life. Sunday School lessons start at 10am – 10.45am.  There is a class for all age groups from 2 years upwards. It is where students learn the foundations of the Bible to build a successful life.



The purpose of Sunday School is to teach each student God's word. Teachers are committed to be investors for life and create an environment through our teaching for lifelong learning. 


We believe Sunday School is integral to a healthy Christian lifestyle.  Lessons are designed to ensure spiritual growth & development through the bible and gives opportunity to engage in discussion through structured lessons.     


Everyone is welcome to join with Sunday School class. You do not have to be a member of our church or a Christian to attend. The good news is there is no upper age limit!



  • Children for Christ (C4C) takes place once a month at the same time as our divine service 12noon to 1pm and is geared for children aged 3-12yrs.   We follow a packed and exciting program where the children learn and worship God in a totally child focused way.  The sessions are structured around the main theme of the church service.  The aim of the C4C is to prepare the children for worship and ministry in the main church by the time they graduate at 13yrs.


  • Promotion Day Service takes place every September and celebrates the Biblical education achievements of the students.  It is also an opportunity to show case the talents of the students through drama, singing and music etc. 


  • Education Day: During the month of February, we give professional support to students from primary right up to PhD level.


Sunday School Leaders:


  • Sunday School Superintendent (Interim) - Sylvia Lee

  • Sunday School Secretary - Jacqui McKenzie

  • Lead for Adults  - Jeffrey Richards     

  • Lead for Youth - Shaun Williams 

  • Lead for Juniors -

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