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Youth and Discipleship Ministry 


‘I Believe I Can Achieve’

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The purpose of the Youth & Discipleship Department is to make disciples of our children and young people,  for them to later make disciples of others. Our aim is to enable the nurturing and growth of young people in an environment in which they feel safe to express their individual gifts and to express their faith in Christ through youth praise and worship.


Youth leaders consider the importance of the holistic development of young people.  Every young person is treated as a valuable individual and is encouraged to volunteer and participate in projects and activities which motivate them according to their needs, and that builds Godly character. Our youth workers are inspired, informed, involved and committed, and are able to empower and inspire young people to become confident and committed leaders.


The Youth Department delivers ‘age-appropriate’ programmes and youth activities, which are also accessible to the community. 

  • The Youth Department offer programmes such as Junior Club for ages 7-12yrs, Youth Club for ages 13-17yrs and ENGAGE for ages 18-25 years on Friday evenings at 7pm. 


  • VBS
    For over forty years we have delivered a week long summer scheme called Vacation Bible School (VBS) which caters for ages 2 ½ -16yrs.  VBS is packed with Bible lessons, games, crafts, music and drama and is accessible for the local community.  

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  • New Converts Class 

New converts class is designed to lead new believers and those who are interested in the faith through the fundamental and basic elements of what it means to be a Christian. Some of the areas covered are what is sin? Repentance, how to study the Bible, talking to God, the Holy Spirit, giving your testimony, the Sacraments and what we believe.

  • Impact: Activities organised by young people, for young people

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  • Creative Ministries: Dance, Flags, Choir, Hands of Praise, Music

  • Book Club: An enjoyable way to develop literacy skills.

“The goal of youth ministry should be to change lives – watching God work to conform young people into the image of His Son through the Holy Spirit” Unknown

Youth & Discipleship Board
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Sylvia Lee

Director - Youth & Discipleship Ministry


Jacqui McKenzie

Assistant Director - Youth & Discipleship Ministry


Janet McDonald


Curtis Martyn


Stephanie Brown


Joel Mullings


Nicole Lee

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