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The purpose of the visiting ministry is to support those who might have common life challenges.  This includes those who are hospitalised, shut-ins, comforting those who are sick, bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ, Helping, and support where applicable. Etc.

The goals of the Visiting and discipleship Ministry is to love everyone as God commands us (1 John 4: 7-8). Acceptance of one another as Christ accepts us is key in this ministry.


The visiting ministry department delivers ‘inhouse’ training to facilitate those who are interested in supporting the local church and greater community. Within this ministry also, comes with the ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ with high expectations. The ministry is guided by the belief in ministry effectiveness through empowering Christian workers. and that those in the team should be prepared to give an answer to anyone who ask of them, to be able to give the reason for the hope that they have in Christ Jesus as their witness. Doing so respectfully with gentleness (I Peter 3:15).

Meeting Times

The visiting Discipleship Ministry is on a Monday evening between 7pm until 9pm every fortnight. Please join us.

Staff               Position

Rosalyn Magowan     Director

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Meet the Director

Rosalyn is a qualified Psychotherapist/Counsellor working with palliative care, (Loss and Grief), victims of crime and mental health issues. Her work is very Christ Centred. When it comes to faith and walking with the Lord Rosalyn is a stalwart. Her ‘mantra’ is always to enquire at the mouth of God for leadership and direction. Her Christ Centred attitude lends to the fact that she enjoys working as part of a team and within the various discipleship streams.

Rosalyn Magowan
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